Stuffed Chocolate Orange Brownies

Are you looking to take your brownie game to the next level? Well, we’ve got just the thing, stuffed chocolate orange brownies! Yes, that’s right, these are egg-free chocolate brownies stuffed with a deliciously tangy orange center. And guess what? They’re as delicious as look and sound!

Why you’ll love stuffed chocolate orange brownies

Firstly, these brownies are super unique. Moreover, these stuffed chocolate orange brownies are:

  • Decadent
  • Chocolatey
  • Tasty
  • Fudgy
  • Egg-free
  • Zesty
  • Easy to make

In addition, they’re also an incredibly unique treat idea – perfect for gatherings and parties!

Ingredients you need to make stuffed chocolate orange brownies

Before we get into the recipe, here’s what you need to make eggless stuffed chocolate orange brownies:

Orange filling

  • Freshly squeezed orange juice (around 6 oranges worth of juice)
  • Orange zest
  • Caster sugar
  • Cornflour
  • Water
  • Condensed milk

Brownie batter

Dry ingredients

  • Dark chocolate, chopped
  • Self-raising flour
  • Cocoa powder
  • Caster sugar
  • Pinch of salt

Wet ingredients

  • Condensed milk
  • Milk of choice
  • Sunflower oil 
  • Dark chocolate, melted

Equipment needed to make stuffed chocolate orange brownies

  • Saucepan
  • Whisk
  • 13×9 inch baking pan
  • Cling wrap
  • Parchment paper
  • Oven
  • Large spoon

How to make stuffed chocolate orange brownies

Step 1: Make the orange filling

  1. Start by mixing the cornflour and water: Stir the cornflour and water until the mixture becomes a smooth paste. Set this aside for later.
  2. Secondly, heat the juice, zest, and sugar: Place the ingredients in a pan and use medium heat.
  3. After that, dissolve the sugar: Once the sugar has melted, allow the mixture to cook for another 3 minutes.
  4. Add the cornflour mixture: Now, whisk the mixture continuously to prevent lumps from forming.
  5. Thicken the filling: Continue to whisk the mixture over medium heat. The mixture will slowly get thicker. Once it’s thickened, let it cook for around 3-5 minutes.
  6. Pour in the condensed milk: Do this when the mixture has thickened and stir well to incorporate.
  7. Cool the filling: Turn off the heat and set the filling aside.
  8. Freeze the filling: Line a 13×9 baking pan with cling wrap, then pour the filling into it, spreading it evenly. Place the pan in the freezer until the filling is fully frozen. Once frozen, remove the baking dish from the freezer because we’ll need it for baking. Leave the filling in the freezer with the cling wrap.

 Preparing the brownie batter

  1. Combine the dry ingredients: In a large bowl, mix the self-raising flour, cocoa powder, caster sugar, and salt.
  2. Add the wet ingredients: Pour the condensed milk, melted chocolate, milk and oil into the bowl. Mix these until you have a smooth batter.
  3. Stir in the chocolate chunks: Chop the dark chocolate into small pieces and mix them into the batter.

Assemble and bake the stuffed chocolate orange brownies

  1. Preheat your oven: Turn it to 180°C (160°C fan) to preheat. While your oven is heating up, you can start assembling your brownies.
  2. Prepare the Pan: Line your baking pan with parchment paper. It will prevent the brownies from sticking, making them easier to remove.
  3. Assemble the brownies: Pour half of the brownie batter into the pan, spreading it out to ensure it covers the base evenly. Next, take your frozen orange filling out of the freezer and place it on the batter. Finally, pour the remaining batter over the filling. Make sure it’s spread out evenly and completely covers the filling.
  4. Bake the brownies: Bake for around 25-30 minutes. The exact cooking time can vary based on your oven.
  5. Check the brownies: Insert a skewer into the center of the brownies. If there’s a moist crumb on the skewer, the brownies are ready. If the batter is still wet, bake them longer and repeat the skewer test.
  6. Finally, let the brownies cool: Once done, remove the pan from the oven and let the brownies cool fully in the pan before slicing and enjoying.

Can a different type of sugar be used?

Yes, indeed, but we recommend caster sugar because of its fine texture. However, you can substitute it with other sugars. Consequently, the sugar you use may affect how your brownies turn out.

What can be used instead of self-raising flour in brownies?

Yes, certainly. If you don’t have self-raising flour, you can make your own by adding two teaspoons of baking powder for every 150g of all-purpose flour. In other words, it’s a simple process to create a suitable substitute for self-raising flour. Therefore, not having self-raising flour on hand shouldn’t stop you from baking these delicious brownies

Can a different type of milk of used in brownies?

Yes, Absolutely, feel free to use any milk in this recipe. However, be aware that this might alter the taste and texture of the brownies. Therefore, choose your milk substitute with care.

How to store stuffed chocolate orange brownies?

Initially, you can store these brownies in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days. Alternatively, you can also refrigerate them for approximately a week. Overall, they’re quite easy to store.

Can these brownies be made vegan?

Yes, swap the condensed milk with a vegan version. Also, make sure that the dark chocolate you’re using is vegan. As a result, these simple swaps can make these brownies vegan-friendly.

Furthermore, check out some of our other tasty recipes:

Image of a mouth-watering stuffed orange brownie with a rich, fudgy texture. The brownie is cut into a square, revealing a luscious orange curd filling oozing out from the center.

Stuffed Chocolate Orange Brownies

This recipe features irresistible stuffed chocolate brownies with a surprise tangy orange filling. The brownies are decadently rich, moist, and chocolatey, while the zesty orange filling adds a burst of refreshing flavor.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine global
Servings 12


  • Saucepan
  • Whisk
  • Baking pan 13×9 inches
  • Cling wrap
  • Parchment paper
  • Large spoon
  • Oven


For the orange filling

  • 500 ml freshly squeezed orange juice around 6 oranges worth of juice
  • Zest of 1 orange
  • 50 g caster sugar
  • 35 g cornflour
  • 100 ml water
  • 40 g condensed milk

For the brownie batter (dry ingredients)

  • 50 g dark chocolate chopped
  • 225 g self-raising flour
  • 50 g cocoa flour
  • 125 g caster sugar
  • Pinch of salt

Brownie batter (wet ingredients)

  • 350 g condensed milk
  • 100 ml milk of choice
  • 100 ml sunflower oil
  • 130 g dark chocolate melted


Make the orange filling

  • Mix cornflour and water in a small bowl and set it aside.
  • In a pan, combine juice, zest, and sugar, and heat on medium until sugar dissolves, then continue to cook it for another 3 minutes..
  • Pour in the cornflour liquid and whisk continuously until the filling thickens.
  • Let the filling cook for an additional 3-5 minutes, then add the condensed milk and mix well.
  • Turn off the heat and let the filling cool.
  • Line a 13×9 pan with cling wrap, pour the cooled filling into the pan and spread it evenly, then place the pan in the freezer until the filling is fully frozen.
  • Once the filling is frozen, remove it from the pan and leave it in the freezer with the cling wrap. You'll need the pan for assembling the brownies.

Prepare the brownie batter

  • Combine the flour, salt, cocoa, and sugar, then add wet ingredients and mix well. Then stir in the chopped chocolate.

Layer and bake the brownies

  • Preheat the oven to 180°C (160 fan) and line the pan (used earlier for the filling) with parchment paper.
  • Pour half of the batter into the pan and spread it evenly.
  • Place the frozen filling sheet on top of the batter, then pour on the remaining batter and spread it to cover the filling.
  • Bake for 25- 30 minutes, checking doneness with a skewer – it should come out with a moist crumb but not a wet batter. If the batter is wet, bake further and repeat the skewer test.
  • Let the brownies cool fully in the pan, then slice into pieces and enjoy!
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